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Ziraat Bankkart 3-0 Fenerbahce HDI Insurance

Fenerbahçe HDI Sigorta Men’s Volleyball Team was the guest of Ziraat Bankkart in the second match of the AXA Sigorta Efeler League semi-final series. Our team lost the match 3-0. The sets of the match were completed 25-20, 25-22, 25-16.

Fenerbahce HDI Sigorta, who lost the first match of the series with the same score, will face the loser of Halkbank-Arkas Spor in the match for the third place.

Our Board Members Simla Türker Bayazıt and İlker Dinçay also watched the match played at Başkent Volleyball Hall.

Our team is in spades; Saeid Marouf, Emre Batur, Metin Toy, Ahmet Tümer, Salvador Hidalgo Oliva, Yacine Louati started with six.

Fenerbahce HDI Sigorta lost the first set 25-20 when it had problems in receiving service. In the second set, where they fell back 9-6, Equalizing with Louati and Hidalgo, our Team went ahead by 2 points in the reciprocal struggle and gave their opponent a time-out: 15-17. In the fight, where the score was equalized again in 19-19, the last part was the scene of great contention and the winner was the home team with 25-22. Fenerbahce HDI Sigorta, who could not show the desired performance in the third set of the match; They lost the set 25-16 and the match 3-0.

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