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Ana SayfaArchitecture2021-22 Season Will Be Remembered With Scandals, Not Race! #SkandalLeague

2021-22 Season Will Be Remembered With Scandals, Not Race! #SkandalLeague

The Super League 2021-22 season is going through unprecedented final weeks, befitting its image that left its mark on history as we have witnessed many times throughout the season.

The series of scandals experienced throughout the entire football season was crowned with the management style of the referee group, especially Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu, in the match played tonight.

We cannot find a word to say or a sentence to write about the scandals that are happening in front of the eyes of the entire football public and whose dose is increasing day by day!

It has once again been clearly seen in the public conscience this season that the race is determined not by fair competition but by scandals.

Points are exchanged by the referees,
The agenda is constantly occupied by MHK decisions and arbitrator disasters,
fair competition is destroyed,
in this season, when the institution of trust is completely gone;

We congratulate everyone from the president of the TFF to the vice president and the entire board of directors, from the MHK to its referees and all the stakeholders who contributed.

He emphasizes that we will continue our struggle with all our strength to put an end to these disgraces in Turkish football,

We announce to the public that we invite every club and all football stakeholders who are disturbed by this situation to this stance!


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